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2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value (P, D, S)

2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarters are worth $0.30 in circulated conditions. Uncirculated versions are at least $0.50 but can rise to $125 in their highest grades.

Sale prices for coins typically exceed projected market values due to the influence of collectors’ willingness to pay. The highest recorded sale price stands at $2,500, achieved in 2022 for a 2022-D Wilma Mankiller quarter graded MS68.

The Wilma Mankiller quarter is a new series famous for being part of the American Women Quarters (AWQ) Program that was launched in 2022 to celebrate the contributions made by women in the United States.

Here, we will talk about the 2022 Wilma Mankiller quarters, what makes them valuable, the history associated with them, and how the various varieties are evaluated.

2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarter Details

Wilma Mankiller Quarter

  • Category/Series: American Women Quarters Program (2022 – 2025)
  • Mint: Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver
  • Mintage: 608,347,227
  • Designer: Laura Gardin Fraser (obverse) and Benjamin Sowards (reverse)
  • Composition: Cupro-nickel (8.33% nickel balance copper) – 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel
  • Weight: 5.67 grams
  • Diameter: 24.26 millimeters
  • Edge: Reeded (119 reeds)

Wilma Mankiller Quarter History

Why Is Wilma Mankiller On The Quarter?

The Wilma Mankiller Quarter is part of a four-year coin program (2022 – 2025) that celebrates the contributions of women to the United States. Named the American Women Quarters Program, it strives to achieve the following key goals:

  • To celebrate the contributions of American women to history and society.
  • To inspire young women to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.
  • To create a more inclusive and representative currency that reflects the diversity of the American people.

Wilma Mankiller is on the quarter because of her valuable contributions as an activist for Native American and women’s rights.

Born in 1945 in the Cherokee Nation, Wilma grew up seeing the immense effects of poverty and racism in the United States. In 1977, she founded the Community Development Department for the Cherokee Nation and a few years later she became the first woman elected deputy chief of the Cherokee Nation.

She became chief from 1987 till 1995. During that time employment doubled, education levels rose, and infant mortality declined. She made the Cherokee Nation a role model to the United States.

Her accomplishments earned her worldwide recognition and admiration which led to her induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993, and, in 1998 she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to civilians in the U.S.

Fun Fact: Her last name, “Mankiller”, is a family name passed down through several generations within the Cherokee Nation. It refers to a warrior who protected tribal villages and their inhabitants.

Proof Coins Metal Composition

Proof coins in the American Women’s Quarter Program were made from two different compositions: Copper-Nickel Clad and Silver – both made in the San Francisco Mint.

The 2022-S Clad Proofs contain 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel while the Silver Proof coins are comprised of 99.9% fine silver.

Silver varieties weigh 6.343 grams while the clad quarters weigh 5.67 grams. Apart from the slight color change, everything else is similar including the diameter and design elements.

The introduction of silver proofs made the American Women Quarters more collectible. In 2022, five types of AWQ coins were made: Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong.

One silver coin from each type was put into a limited-edition set and sold to collectors by the United States Mint, currently priced at $220 per set.

Wilma Mankiller Quarter Design and Minting

The obverse design features President George Washington with inscriptions: “IN GOD WE TRUST”, “LIBERTY”, and “2022” followed by a mintmark underneath the date (P for Philadelphia, S for San Francisco, and D for Denver Mint coins).

The reverse design portrays Wilma Mankiller. She is depicted with the wind at her back, her hair flowing, and wearing a traditional shawl. On her left side, there is the seven-pointed star, which represents the Cherokee Nation.

Reverse inscriptions include “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “E PLURIBUS UNUM”, “QUARTER DOLLAR”, “WILMA MANKILLER”, “PRINCIPAL CHIEF”, and the name of the Cherokee Nation (written in native Cherokee syllabary).

Mint    Mint Mark Total Mintage
Philadelphia P 310,000,000
Denver D 296,800,000
San Francisco: Uncirculated S 304,640
San Francisco (Proof) Clad S 442,835
San Francisco (Proof) Silver S 354,752
  Total Mintage 608,347,227

Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value & Varieties

All three mints were used to make these quarters, giving us: 2022-P, 2022-D, 2022-S: Uncirculated, 2022-S (Clad) Proof, and 2022-S (Silver) Proof Wilma Mankiller Quarters.

Each one has the following varieties:

  • First Strike – Coins struck early in the production cycle using newly prepared dies. Due to the die’s young age, they feature sharper details and better quality.
  • First Day of Issue – Coins that were collected/purchased within the first day of the date of release from the Mint.
  • First/Early Releases – Coins that were received by coin grading services like NGC within the first 30 days of the coin’s release.

The above designations are used by coin grading companies such as NGC and PCGS to increase the premium on coins, giving them a higher price than their circulation strike counterparts.

There are also Proof Strike varieties. PR, DCAM (Deep Cameo), and CAM (Cameo).

  • PR – Proof coin with a reflective and misty surface. Least valuable.
  • CAM – Proof coin with a frosty appearance and reflective fields.
  • DCAM – Proof coin with a Cameo finish and deep contrast between frosted surface and mirrored fields. This is the most valuable variety.

Below is the value chart, showing the current market value of each 2022 Wilma Mankiller quarter:

Wilma Mankiller Quarters Circulated AU50 – AU58 MS60 – MS64 / PR60 – PR64 MS65 + / PR65 +
2022-P $0.30 $0.30 – $0.40 $0.50 – $6 $7.50 – $200
2022-D $0.30 $0.30 – $0.40 $0.50 – $6 $7.50 – $30
2022-S: Uncirculated $0.30 $0.30 – $0.40 $0.50 – $6 $7.50 – $62
2022-S (Clad) $1 – $3.25 $4 – $62
2022-S (Silver) $7 – $9.25 $9.50 – $35

1. 2022 P Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value

2022 P Wilma Mankiller Quarter

Circulated versions are worth $0.30. Uncirculated versions can go for as little as $0.50 or as high as $200.

MS69 is the highest grade and only nineteen examples have ever been found. MS69 coins from the Philadelphia Mint are the rarest in the entire Wilma Mankiller series and with such rarity comes a higher price tag of over $200.

They are relatively easy to find between MS65 and MS67, worth $10 – $125. These lustrous and little-blemish coins are plenty in online marketplaces, fit for type collectors who want to invest in American Women Quarters.

The top seller here is an MS68 coin that sold for $709 in 2022. It is an Early Releases coin, valued for being one of the first coins to ever get certified and graded by NGC within the first 30 days of its release from the Mint.

Other top-sellers also belong to the Early Release designation as well as First Day of Issue.

Below are the highest prices ever realized:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS68 $709 eBay 2022
MS69 $491 eBay 2022
MS67 $189 eBay 2022
MS67 $172.50 eBay 2022
MS67 $146.95 eBay 2023

Note that the coins are valued solely on their grade and day of issuance. Some are worth more because of unique errors, and despite a lower grade, they have managed to fetch a higher price at auctions.

An example is this MS64 coin with a Heavy Die Break error that sold for $1,300 in 2022 on eBay. More on that in the error section below.

2. 2022 D Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value

2022 D Wilma Mankiller Quarter

According to the USA Coin Book, uncirculated mint condition 2022-P coins are worth $0.57 – $1.16. As per NGC and PCGS, the value starts at $0.50 and goes over $30 in the highest grades.

Similar to 2022-P Wilma Mankiller quarters, these 2022-D coins are also worth $0.30 in circulated conditions.

Also, MS69 is the highest grade with more than forty examples known. This means 2022-D quarters in MS69 are much cheaper than MS69 quarters from Philadelphia.

The highest sale goes to an MS68 coin that sold for $2,500. Enclosed in a Release Ceremony capsule, this coin is valuable because it was issued during the official release ceremony by the US Mint. Other valuable pieces in the top-ranking list come from the First Day of Issue and First Strike designations.

Below are the highest prices ever realized:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS68 $2,500 eBay 2022
MS68 $565.25 eBay 2022
MS68 $500 eBay 2022
MS69 $499.95 eBay 2023
MS69 $455 eBay 2022

3. 2022 S (Uncirculated) Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value

2022 S (Uncirculated) Wilma Mankiller Quarter

Even though you can find 2022-S Wilma quarters in circulation, it is important to note that they were not made for business purposes, only Philadelphia and Denver coins were issued as daily commerce circulation coins.

With a mintage of only 304,640, these are the scarcest non-proof Wilma quarters. As per USA Coin Book, they are worth $3.38 or more in uncirculated mint conditions.  According to PCGS and NGC, they are worth $0.50 in MS60 and over $62 in MS67 or higher.

MS69 is the highest known grade, with less than four specimens known to exist. However, the highest seller is a plain MS68 coin. Other valuable pieces include NGC designations such as First Releases and First Day of Issue.

Below are the highest prices ever realized:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS68 $1,499.95 eBay 2023
MS68 $479.95 eBay 2023
MS68 $477.51 eBay 2022
MS69 $460 eBay 2023
MS69 $445.99 eBay 2022

4. 2022 S (Clad) Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value

2022 S Wilma Mankiller Clad Quarter

The clad-proof coins are worth less than $4 in the lowest grades and more than $62 in the highest. The most valuable are still the First Strike and First Day of Issue coins, most of which have been graded by NGC.

They are not as popular as their silver-proof coins below, but they feature the most pristine-looking surfaces, making them a hotspot for type collectors who want the best of each year. PR70 is the grade most collectors look for, making it the sole grade for a wise investment.

Below are the highest prices ever realized:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
PR70 DCAM $49.95 eBay 2022
PR70 DCAM $48 eBay 2022
PR70 DCAM $46 eBay 2022
PR70 DCAM $44.49 eBay 2022
PR70 DCAM $43 eBay 2022

5. 2022 S (Silver) Wilma Mankiller Quarter Value

2022 S (Silver) Wilma Mankiller Quarter

These silver proofs have the highest melt value at $4.92.

However, since they are sold directly to collectors, only the highest grades are coveted by collectors; particularly PR70 and PR69.

As per USA Coin Book, uncirculated grades above PR65 are worth $16 or more. As per PCGS, the price ranges from $7 in PR60 and over $30 in PR65 or higher.

The highest sale price is $189 for a PR69 DCAM sold in 2022. In this case, the coin was part of the First Day of Issue variety, which explains its high auction price on eBay.

Other top-sellers include First Strike varieties and First Day of Issue.

Since only 354,752 were minted, they are relatively scarce as per modern standards. You can expect their value to increase in the coming years as the series gets older and more collectible.

Below are the highest prices ever realized:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
PR69 DCAM $189 eBay 2022
PR69 DCAM $100 eBay 2022
PR69 DCAM $99.99 eBay 2022
PR69 DCAM $70 eBay 2022
PR69 DCAM $60.59 eBay 2022

Wilma Mankiller Quarter Errors

The 2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarters are new. Little time has passed for collectors to notice any major errors that may drastically increase the coin’s value.

Only one error has been identified and graded – a CUD/Heavy Die Break error.

2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarter CUD Heavy Die Break Error

A CUD Error happens when there is a large break/crack in a die. When the die is used to strike a coin, the planchet slips into the crack resulting in a raised metal lump that normally runs from the rim inwards onto the design field.

Graded by NGC, this CUD error is named “Obverse Retained Die Break”. The coin is an MS64 specimen that first sold for $1,300 in 2022 on eBay and later went on Heritage Auction in 2023 where it sold for $134.

In this case, the ‘obverse retained die break’ is used to refer to how the cud error was created. Retained die breaks occur when the broken/cracked die chunks don’t fall off but rather sink into the surrounding metal creating a low plateau on the design of the coin.

In the image, you can see a blob-like appearance on the obverse surface above George Washington’s head. This is the plateaued surface filled with fallen-off die chunks.

There are other reported errors such as Double Die Obverse and Double Die Reverse, but there is still debate on whether these are genuine errors or a result of handling. With time, some may be graded and certified by coin grading services, until then, the above Die Break error is the one to look for.


The 2022 Wilma Mankiller Quarter series currently holds little value. However, their novelty suggests that their worth may rise in the future. This makes it an opportune moment to acquire them while they are inexpensive and easy to find.

For investment purposes, the most valuable 2022 Wilma Mankiller quarters to collect include rare error coins such as the CUD error quarter, PR70 silver proofs, and uncirculated mint condition MS67 or higher quarters from San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Denver.

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