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Coin Valuation Tool Frequently Asked Questions:

Our database is updated every two weeks or once a month, depending on the coin's demand in the market.

Highly sought-after coins tend to experience more frequent updates, while those with lower transaction records may remain unchanged for longer periods.

Our priority is to ensure we provide the most up-to-date information for coins in high demand.

Given the ever-changing nature of the coin market, small changes in coin quality or demand can lead to price fluctuations.

That is why our coin valuation tools use a price range. It reflects the most common recent selling prices for a given coin in the marketplace. This range offers more accurate pricing.

Several factors influence a coin's price, including how many times a certain coin is bought. In general, coins that sell frequently tend to have shorter price ranges, while less commonly traded coins may have a broader price range.

Also, the same type of coins can have a few varying details that make them rare. Even minor distinctions can significantly impact the pricing of coins.

We do not offer coin grading services. Coin authentication and grading require specialized expertise that goes beyond our area of focus, which is coin valuation.

However, we do provide educational resources on coin grading to assist users in understanding the grading process better.

For professional authentication your coin, we recommend services like PCGS and NGC.

Our valuation tools do not cover rare coins. Valuing such coins can be highly unpredictable due to fluctuations in demand, overbidding, and their inherent scarcity.

Nevertheless, you can find valuable insights and analysis of rare coins on our blog, helping you determine their intrinsic value. Please explore our blog section for information on your specific coin.