Coin Prices Slightly Affected by Precious Metals: 07/12/2024: Gold $2372.13 | Silver $30.86

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Free tools to help you check the value of your coin. Enter the year and select the mint mark and condition to get a valuation.

How it works

Extensively Curated Database

Our database is compiled from a huge amount of transactional data from major auction houses, dealers, and online marketplaces.

It is composed of current, historical, and future price projections for US coins. With regular updates, the database is capable of reflecting the latest market conditions.

Cuttingedge Algorithm

Our valuation is performed by a robust intelligent algorithm that combines historical transaction data, market analysis, and exhaustive coin details to accurately estimate a coin’s worth.

It considers volatility, trends, and similarities between coins to determine the pricing.

User-Friendly Interface

Our tool offers an easy-to-use interface. The coin’s year, mintmark, and condition are all the details you need to get a correct valuation, ensuring anyone can easily use the system.

Also, by providing a price range instead of a fixed estimate, our tools reflect a fairer market value.

For Collectors, Hobbyists, and Dealers

Our tools are useful to a wide range of professionals and hobbyists.

By using transparent valuation methodologies, we ensure our customers receive reliable and continuously improved services.

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