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2020 Bat Quarter Value: Errors & Varieties (P, D, S, W)  

The value of a circulated 2020 Bat quarter is not worth much more than its face value. However, a few valuable rare varieties cost more than $100 due to their pristine conditions and unique features.

A good example is the limited 2020 W V75 Bat Quarter valued at $425 in its highest grade. In fact, the coin sold for $4,500 in a 2022 auction, making it the most expensive coin in the 2020 Bat quarter lineup.

In this article, we will dive into the different varieties of the 2020 bat quarter, the values of these varieties, and how much they cost when they have valuable errors. Read on to learn of the top most valuable errors in the series.

Background of the 2020 Bat Quarter

Background of the 2020 Bat Quarter

The 2020 Bat quarter got a lot of mixed reactions from the public when it was released in 2020. Many collectors loved its unique ‘bat’ design and rushed to get it, but the ill-timing of its release during the COVID-19 outbreak led many to believe it had something to do with the virus.

Luckily, this is not the case, and the real reason for its release is more captivating and socially conscious.

The America the Beautiful Quarters Program, launched in 2010 by the United States Mint, sought to commemorate the rich natural and historical diversity of the United States by issuing quarter-dollar coins.

Each year, till the end of the program in 2021, five new quarters were released, each featuring a different national park or site. Only 56 different series of coins were made under this program.

The 2020 Bat Quarter, officially known as the American Samoa National Park (NP) Quarter, was specifically made to honor the National Park of American Samoa.

The region is located 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii and covers a total of 13,500 acres. It is the only National Park south of the equator and home to the largest native mammals in the Samoan islands – the Samoan fruit bat, also known as the flying fox.

The reverse (tails) design of the coin depicts the Samoan fruit bat hanging off a tree next to her pup. The image shows the animal’s deep ecological significance by evoking the care and energy the species gives to its offspring.

The bat plays a vital role in maintaining the delicate balance of the park’s ecosystem. By featuring this remarkable creature, the coin helps raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting these species from commercial hunting and habitat damage.

2020 Bat Quarter Features

2020 Bat Quarter Specifications:

  • Category: National Park of American Samoa Quarter (2020)
  • Year of Make: 2020
  • Mint Branch: Denver, Philadelphia, West Point, and San Francisco
  • Composition: 25% Nickel, 75% Copper -expect Proof coins (99.9% silver)
  • Weight: 5.67 grams
  • Diameter: 24.30 millimeters (0.995 inches)
  • Thickness: 1.75 millimeters
  • Edge: Reeded

2020 Bat Quarter Varieties

The coins were made in four different mints: Denver, Philadelphia, West Point, and San Francisco.

Mintage in each of the facilities is as follows:

  • Denver (D) = 2,000,000
  • Philadelphia (P) = 2,000,000
  • West Point = 2,000,000
  • San Francisco (S) Regular coins = 2,000,000
  • San Francisco Proof coins = 490, 829

There are five different varieties of the 2020 American Samoa quarters, including:

  1. 2020-D American Samoa NP– Made in Denver (D). Includes circulation coins
  2. 2020-p American Samoa NP – Made in Philadelphia (P).
  3. 2020-S American Samoa NP – Made in San Francisco (S).
  4. 2020-W American Samoa NP V75 – Made in West Point.
  5. 2020-S (Proof) American Samoa NP – Silver – Made in San Francisco (S).

The first four are circulation coins made for use in commerce. They are also clad-type coins with multiple layers of Copper (75%) and Nickel (25%) over a pure copper center.

On the other hand, the fifth coin (2020-S (Proof) American Samoa) is a silver ‘proof’ type coin with a 99.9% silver metal composition. It features uncirculated high-quality finish coins made for collectors and numismatic purposes.

Also, coins from Philadelphia and San Francisco have unique categories like “first strike” and “first day of issue.” On the other hand, the West Point quarters include classifications such as “early find,” “first week of discovery,” and “first discovery” varieties.

Obverse and Reverse Design

The obverse (heads) features George Washington’s bust facing the left. It was designed by John Flanagan. It is the same image used since the 1932 quarter. Inscriptions include:

2020 Bat Quarter Obverse

  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA– at the top of the image
  • LIBERTY – on the left of the image
  • IN GOD WE TRUST – on the right of the image
  • QUARTER DOLLAR – at the bottom
  • D, P, S, or W Mint Mark – appears below ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ denoting the mint facility where the coin was produced

The reverse (tails) features a Samoan fruit bat mother on a tree hanging upside down with her pup. It was designed by Richard Masters and sculptured by Phebe Hemphill. Inscriptions include:

2020 Bat Quarter Reverse

  • NATIONAL PARK – at the top of the image
  • AMERICAN SAMOA – on the left rim side
  • E PLURIBUS UNUM – on the right rim side
  • 2020 – below the image

What Makes The 2020 Bat Quarter Rare?

With a total mintage of over 8,000,000, the 2020 American Samoan NP coins are not considered rare. However, many collectors have run to fetch these coins since they are the only coins to ever feature the astonishing pair of bats in the back.

The 2020 bat quarters are also considered rare if they are in the highest mint condition, feature the ‘V75’ mark, or have the rare & valuable ‘Struck Through Error.’

The most sought-after coin in this collection is the 2020 W V75 Bat Quarter.

The 2020 W “V75” Bat Quarter holds special significance, featuring a ‘V75’ privy mark on the obverse. The mark is used to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Due to its unique mark and historical significance, the 2020 W V75 Bat Quarter often commands the most premium price in the series.

The 2020-S Bat quarter (proof variety) is another rare variety with a low mintage of 490 829. However, it is a lowly priced coin since they were specifically made to be sold to collectors, making them a less in-demand collection.

2020 Bat Quarter Value

The 2020 Bat Quarter NP (American Samoa) has a minimal face value of $0.01 and a melt value of $0.0548. Generally, circulated quarters fetch their face value of 25 cents. However, 2020 bat quarter value uncirculated or specially packaged quarters are often sold at a premium by the US Mint.

According to the USA Coin Book, the coin in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint condition is worth $0.57 – $3.38. Proof coins with higher quality finishes in uncirculated MS condition cost $5.26.

Since coins are valued higher than their intrinsic value, the 2020 bat quarters sell for higher prices provided they have valuable traits, including rare mint errors & varieties, higher mint condition, proof finish, are in high demand, or a combination of several of these traits.

Below is a summary value chart showcasing 2020 Bat quarters and how much they are valued according to proprietary market knowledge of PCGS:

Grades 2020-D
2020-W V75
60 N/A N/A $5 N/A N/A
61 N/A N/A $5 N/A N/A
62 N/A  N/A $5 $15 N/A
63 $4 N/A $6 $22 N/A
64 $6 $5 $7 $30 N/A
65 $10 $7 $8 $47 N/A
66 $14 $10 $15 $78 N/A
67 $25 $25 $38 $425 N/A
68 $215 $140 N/A N/A N/A
69 N/A N/A N/A N/A $27
70 N/A N/A N/A N/A $45


  • The N/A in columns without a price guide does not mean the coins are rare. Instead, it shows that more data or coins must be published to publish an average price estimate.
  • The grades (60 – 70) represent the particular coin’s grading prefix, i.e., MS60-MS70 for Mint State (MS), SP60-SP70 for Specimen (SP) special strike, or PR60-PR70 for Proof pennies.

1. 2020 D Bat Quarter Value

2020 D Bat Quarter

The average 2020 D American Samoan NP is valued between $0.30 and $0.40 in circulated condition and as high as $20 in uncirculated condition.

Below are the highest historical auction records for the 2020-D American Samoan NP variety:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS68 $330 eBay 2014
MS68 $275 eBay 2021
MS68 $175 eBay 2020
MS68 $70 eBay 2021
MS68 $60 eBay 2021

2. 2020 P Bat Quarter Value

2020 P Bat Quarter

The 2020 bat quarter P’s estimated value is $0.57 – $1.16 or more in circulated mint condition and as high as $25 in uncirculated condition.

Below are the highest historical auction records for the 2020-P American Samoan NP variety:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS68 $400 eBay 2021
MS68 $299 eBay 2020
MS68 $168 eBay 2020
MS68 $154 eBay 2021
MS70 $124 eBay 2022

3. 2020 S Bat Quarter Value

2020 S Bat Quarter

The value of the average 2020-S Regular Bat quarter in uncirculated mint condition is $0.30 – $3.38 and as high as $25 in uncirculated condition.

Below are the highest historical auction records for the 2020-S Regular Bat quarter:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS67 $295 eBay 2022
MS67 $230 eBay 2021
MS67 $225 eBay 2021
MS67 $150 eBay 2021
MS67 $140 eBay 2020

4. 2020 W V75 Bat Quarter Value

2020 W V75 Bat Quarter

This is the most expensive coin in the American Samoa NP coins. As of August 2023, the value of a 2020-W V75 bat quarter is valued between $15 and $425 in open marketplaces like eBay and other auctions. The highest realized price at an auction was $4,500 in 2022.

Below are the highest historical auction records for the 2020-W V75 bat quarter:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
MS67 $4,500 eBay 2022
MS67 $2,795 eBay 2022
MS67 $2,075 eBay 2021
MS67 $1,900 eBay 2021
MS67 $621 eBay 2020

5. 2020-S (Proof) Bat Quarter Value

2020-S (Proof) Bat Quarter

These are the most pristine coins in the collection, and most are graded at PR69 or PR70 and in uncirculated mint condition. The lowest price for the 2020-S (proof) variety is $27.

Proof coins are labeled as DCAM (Deep Cameo) or CAM (Cameo).  “Cameo” describes the frosted design used on proof coins, while “Deep Cameo” indicates that the frosted cameo effect is pronounced and stands out against the coin’s mirrored background.

Essentially, Deep Cameo describes the contrast between the frosted design elements on a proof coin and the mirrored background or fields.

The 2020 American Samoa proof coins made in San Francisco are Silver in color and demand a higher price, often retailing for more than $45 in their highest quality (PR70).

The most expensive DCAM quarter ever sold in this case is the $113 PR70 DCAM sold in 2022 on eBay.

Below are the highest historical auction records for the 2020-S (proof) variety:

Grade Price Firm Sale Date
PR70DCAM $113 eBay 2020
PR70DCAM $102 eBay 2020
PR70DCAM $100 eBay 2020
PR70DCAM $92 eBay 2020
PR70DCAM $88 eBay 2020
PR70DCAM $90 eBay 2020

2020 Bat Quarter Errors & Their Value

Coin enthusiasts are often drawn to coins with errors or anomalies, as they add a layer of intrigue and rarity.

The 2020 Bat Quarter is no exception, but unlike other coins from the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, this one has only one major listed error that has popped up over the years. And that is the ‘strike through error’ with only a couple listing over the years.

There are several minor errors that have been noted in online marketplaces, but none have been officially listed. These include Doubling Errors on Inscriptions, Die Cracks,

Below is the 2020 Bat Quarter error list:

1. 2020-P Bat Quarter – Struck Through ‘Blind Bat’ Error

2020 P Bat Quarter Blind Bat Error

Sold for over $200 on each auction, this strike-through error nicknamed the ‘blind bat,’ is found on only the 2020-P bat quarters minted in Philadelphia.

A strike-through error is a type of minting error that occurs during the coin production process. It occurs when an object or debris becomes trapped between the coin die and the planchet before the striking process.

As a result, the foreign object/debris gets imprinted onto the coin’s surface during the striking process, leading to a distinct and usually noticeable design deformation.

In the case of the 2020-P bat quarter, an object was trapped between the die and planchet, right where the face of the mother was supposed to be. This resulted in the deformation of her face, hence the ‘blind bat.’

2. 2020-P American Samoa Quarter – Double Die Reverse (DDR)

2020 P American Samoa Quarter DDR Error

This is the second most reoccurring error in the 2020 bat quarters. Several listings in online marketplaces have valued it at about $19, including eBay, making it a notable error to keep an eye on.

A Double Die Reverse (DDR) error on the 2020 bat quarters happened when there was a misalignment in the engraving of the coin’s design on the reverse side.

This misalignment led to a doubled appearance of certain elements on the reverse design, including the bat image, inscriptions, and outlines. The most common are letters at the outer rims of the coin.

However, it’s worth noting that not all coins with doubled images are genuine Double Die Reverse errors. Sometimes, the doubling effect can be caused by other factors. Please ensure you verify the authenticity and value of a DDR error with a consultant knowledgeable in numismatists and coin grading.

3. 2020-P American Samoa Quarter – Die Chip Error


Die chip errors have also been noted, with some sellers listing them on eBay for about $3.

A die chip error is caused when a small piece of the coin die breaks off and gets damaged. This results in a tiny gap or void in the die, and when the damaged die is used to strike a coin blank, it can cause a corresponding raised area on the resulting coin’s surface.

You may notice the error on various parts of the coin. What you want to look for are any irregular lumps, depressions, or shape distortions on the coin’s design.


If you want to purchase the coins, then it’s worth noting that you can buy a 3-coin set of the 2020 P, D, & S American Samoa NP Quarters from Amazon at just under $15. This goes to show how unique the ‘W’ variety is and why you may want to invest in searching for this type in your pocket change.

Overall, the 2020 Bat Quarter offers a captivating glimpse into America’s natural preserves. As the years go by, its value and significance are likely to continue evolving, ensuring its enduring appeal in the collector’s world. Happy collecting!

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