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1974 Dollar Coin Value: Varieties & Errors

A 1974 $1 Eisenhower coin selling for $8,900 on eBay in 2023 is proof that these limited series coins are still a buzz in the numismatic world till this day. In its uncirculated state, this coin is worth at least $1 – $8.07 for all varieties.

The value of a 1974 Eisenhower dollar is a result of multiple interacting factors like:

  • Rarity: Less available coins with unique errors are worth the most money.
  • Grade: MS67 – MS69 and PR69 – PR70 are the priciest grades.
  • Variety: The 1974-S $1 coins are the most valuable variant.

Here we’ll focus on showing you how to determine the value of whatever 1974 dollar you come across. you how to d

What is the Background of the 1974 Dollar?

1974 Dollar

The 1974 dollar is part of the limited Ike Eisenhower series, which lasted between 1971 and 1978. It was the first dollar coin series since the Peace design ended in 1935.

President Dwight Eisenhower’s death in March 1969 encouraged the launch of a new coin using his image as tribute. Two years later, the $1 coin returned to circulation.

Frank Gasparro was the lead engraver for the obverse, while the reverse featured Michael Collins, an astronaut’s symbol of the Apollo 11 mission.

Unlike the previous coin designs, the Eisenhower dollar added a silver-clad component that altered its weight and size. The regular strike coins produced in Philadelphia and Denver had the typical 75% copper and 25% nickel components.

The US Mint in San Francisco struck the silver-clad 1974 dollar coins as collectibles. They didn’t circulate as expected, and the Mint seized production of the Eisenhower dollar coin the following year.

Although production resumed in 1976, it only lasted until 1989, when the Susan B. Anthony dollar replaced the Eisenhower coins. Because of its short existence, all Eisenhower dollar coins, including the 1974 pieces, became popular with numismatists.

The 1974 Dollar Features

  • Series: Eisenhower
  • Year of Make: 1974
  • Mintage: 27,366,000 | 45,517,000 | 1,900,156 | 1,306,579
  • Mint Branch: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
  • Composition: Copper and Nickel (Philadelphia and Denver) | Silver and Copper (San Francisco)
  • Weight: 22.70g (Philadelphia and Denver) 24.60g (San Francisco)
  • Diameter: 38.50 mm
  • Edge: Reeded

Obverse & Reverse Design

The Obverse (face) of the Eisenhower dollar features the late president’s head in a side profile facing left. He has a shaved head, and the engraving stops at his neck. Other details on the field include:

  • 1974
  • Mint Mark: “D” for Denver and “S” for San Francisco

The Reverse shows an Eagle landing on the moon with an olive branch in its claws. 13 five-point stars form a circle around the logo with other details on the field, including:


1974 $1 coins from Denver and Philadelphia had the same “nickel poured over a pure copper center” composition.

The San Francisco coins, both Proof and regular strike, had different components. The 1974 Eisenhower dollar’s silver content was exclusive to San Francisco and had different proportions for the center and outer layer, giving it a two-toned look.

1974 (Eisenhower) Varieties Composition Mint Location & Mark Mintage
1974 (Regular Strike)  

75% Copper and 25% Nickel


Philadelphia (P or None) 27,366,000
1974-D (Regular Strike) Denver (D) 45,517,000


1974-S (Regular Strike)

80% Silver and 20% Copper (Outer Layer) San Francisco 1,900,156
21% Silver and 79% Copper (Center)


1974-S (Proof)

80% Silver and 20% Copper (Outer Layer) San Francisco (S) 1,306,579


21% Silver and 79% Copper (Center)

What’s the 1974 Eisenhower Dollar Value?

The 1974 Eisenhower dollar value depends on its variant and quality. Recent data shows the 1974-S variants (regular strike and Proof) are the most valuable, followed by the 1974-P and then 1974-D Eisenhower dollars.

Grades MS68 – MS70 aren’t available for the Philadelphia and Denver-minted one-dollar coins, and the regular strike San Francisco-minted 1974 dollars stop at grade MS68. Meanwhile, the Proof 1974-S silver dollar comes in all grades from PR60 to PR70.



1974 One Dollar (Regular Strike) 1974-D Dollar (Regular Strike) 1974-S Silver Dollar (Regular Strike) 1974-S Silver Dollar Proof
60 $5 $5 $13 $15
63 $20 – $22 $24 – $25 $17 – $18 $17 – $18
66 $275 – $2,000 $130 – $525 $32 – $36 $24 – $25
67 $18,500 $2,200 – $6,500 $42 – $80 $27
68 – 70 $125 – $11,500 $30 – $700

1. 1974 One Dollar Coin (Regular Strike)

1974 Dollar (Regular Strike)

The 1974 one-dollar coin in the regular strike is common among coin collectors. You’ll likely find the MS60 – MS64 grades before the higher-quality MS65 – MS67 grades.

Although the 1974 $1 coin isn’t as valuable as the Denver-minted variant in MS67, it’s worth a lot in its MS66 – MS66+ grades.

eBay sold some 1974 one-dollar coins in grades MS65 – MS66 for $14 – $50 this 2023. In 2023, Stack’s Bowers sold an MS66 grade for $192, and Heritage Auctions sold the same grade for the same price two months earlier.

An eBay seller made the auction record for the 1974 one-dollar coin in Feb. 2023. They sold an MS67 grade for $8,900 as the best offer. Here’s a list of the Top 5 most valuable 1974 Eisenhower dollar coins in the regular strike.

Grade Highest Price & Sale Date Firm
MS67 $8,900 (2023) eBay
MS67 $6,600 (2021) Heritage Auctions
MS64 $4,830 (2006) American Numismatic Rarities
MS66+ $4,406 (2014) Heritage Auctions
MS67 $4,025 (2006) Bowers & Merena

2. 1974-D Silver Dollar Coin

1974-D Dollar

The 1974-D Eisenhower dollar comes in a single copper color and has many high-grade pieces available for collection. You’ll find the lesser MS grades of 60 – 65 quicker than the MS66 – MS67.

Although the original color is faded bronze, you could see an earthy red patina on the field from wear. The 1974 silver dollar value in today’s market is within hundreds of dollars.

In 2023, eBay sales for the 1974-D silver dollar in MS65 grades sold between $6 – $17, and some MS66 grades sold higher at $100 – $149. Stack’s Bowers and Heritage Auctions sold MS67 and MS66+ grades for $960 and $660, respectively.

The auction record for the 1974-D silver dollar stands at $14,100 by Heritage Auctions for an MS65 grade in 2014. Check out some more sales below.

Grade Highest Price & Sale Date Firm
MS65 $14,100 (2014) Heritage Auctions
MS67 $6,325 (2011) Heritage Auctions
MS65 $5,750 (2002) Bowers & Merena
MS67+ $5,520 (2021) Stack’s Bowers
MS67+ $5,400 (2018) eBay

3. 1974-S Silver Dollar (Regular Strike)

1974-S Silver Dollar

The 1974-S Eisenhower dollar’s silver content makes it the most valuable variant. It’s weightier and finer than its counterparts making it stand the test of time.

This variant has the most high-grade coins, extending to MS68 and MS69.

Its MS63 – MS67 grades aren’t as pricey as the Philadelphia and Denver dollar coins. But there’s a high demand for the 1974-S regular strike silver dollar, as proven by the recent auction record and the current values.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions holds the auction record of $13,513 since 2021. Other sales this 2023 have been relatively high, like $144 by Stack’s Bowers, $336 by Heritage Auctions, and a whopping $6,100 on eBay.

Here’s a list of the highest sales ever, including eBay.

Grade Highest Price & Sale Date Firm
MS68+ $13,513 (2021) Legend Rare Coin Auctions
MS69 $9,775 (2003) Heritage Auctions
MS69 $7,475 (2012) Heritage Auctions
MS69 $7,050 (2016) Heritage Auctions
MS69 $6,100 (2023) eBay

4. 1974-S Proof Silver Dollar

1974-S Proof Silver Dollar

Creating a Proof coin requires the first die and fresh planchets to create a shinier and more detailed piece.

The 1974-S Proof dollars has more silver than copper on the outer layer, while the center has more copper than silver. So, the 1974-S Eisenhower Proof dollar comes out with a two-toned die.

When the field is mirror-like, it’s categorized as Cameo (CAM). If the contrast between the frosted design and the area is too much, it’s a Deep Cameo (DCAM) finish.

You’ll typically find 1974-S silver dollar coins in high grades of PR66 – PR69 because that’s their original state.

So, the highest pristine quality of PR70 becomes a rare find worth thousands of dollars, like the auction record of $4,600 from 2007. Heritage Auctions met the auction record again in 2008.

The average price for a PR69 Proof 1974-S dollar on eBay in 2023 is $18 – $34. Meanwhile, it was higher on auction sites like Stack’s Bowers and Heritage Auctions. In July 2023, a PR69 DCAM grade sold for $159, while a PR68 CAM grade sold for $240 in Feb. 2023.

The highest sales of a 1974-S Proof dollar ever are:

Grade Highest Price & Sale Date Firm
PR70 $4,600 (2008) Heritage Auctions
PR70 $4,313 (2007) Heritage Auctions
PR70 $3,795 (2002) Heritage Auctions
PR70 $3,600 (2005) Superior Galleries
PR70 $2,645 (2002) Heritage Auctions

1974 One Dollar Coin Error

A 1974 one dollar coin error may be the difference between a measly single digit dollar sale and tens to thousands of dollars sale. Here are some common mistakes you’ll see on the 1974 dollar coin:

  • Struck Through Error
  • Wrong Planchet Error
  • Off-Center Strike Error
  • Multiple Strike Error

1. Struck Through Error

1974 Dollar Struck Through Error

When another object interferes with a planchet during production, it causes a “Struck-Through Error.” It could leave a blank space or bond the foreign object with the coin’s metal.

Some common struck-through errors include a detached piece struck through a 1974-S $1 coin sold for $1,920 in 2021 and an obverse struck through duct tape on a 1974 $1 sold for $940 in 2015.

2. Wrong Planchet Error

1974 Dollar Wrong Planchet Error

The planchet for the 1974 dollar coin used a base metal composition of copper-plated nickel for regular strikes and silver-plated copper for Proof and San Francisco coins. Any design other than those two is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless or fake.

A typical wrong planchet error occurred from using silver-clad planchets meant for San Francisco coins on Philadelphia and Denver-minted Eisenhower dollars. They’re still collectible today and can fetch thousands of dollars.

Heritage Auctions sold a 1974-D Eisenhower dollar struck on a 40% silver-clad planchet for $7,050 in 2017. In 2022, the firm sold a similar coin graded MS64 for $8,700.

3. Off-Center Strike Error

1974 Dollar Off-Center Strike Error

A loose retaining collar causes a planchet shift that misdirects the position of a coin’s strike. Typically, the engravings should be at the center, but when the strike hits off-center, it leaves blank spaces on the coin’s background.

Off-center strikes can be as little as 5% or as wide as 95%. The wider the error, the more valuable the coin becomes to collectors.

A 40% off-center strike 1974 one dollar coin struck on a Philippine 1 Piso planchet sold for $2,880 in 2019. Ten years before, the firm sold a similar coin graded MS64 for $805.

4. Multiple Strike Error

1974 Dollar Multiple Strike Error

When the details on a 1974 $1 coin appear more than once, it’s a multiple-strike error. It could be because of faint dies or shifted planchets, causing the need for a second, third, or fourth strike.

A multiple-strike error doesn’t mean the coin becomes useless. It can still fetch top dollar like an undated Proof Eisenhower dollar coin with a double strike error that Heritage Auctions sold for $19,200 in May 2023.

Final Thoughts

Numismatists love the 1974 Eisenhower one-dollar coin because it’s a limited series that represents a vintage currency era in America. As a new collector, you should start small with the 1974-D and 1974-S variants in low MS grades.

Experienced collectors can explore the 1974-S Proof Silver dollar and 1974 regular strike dollar variants in high PR and MS grades. You can guess your coin’s quality using the grading guide in this review or get a professional opinion for the best price point.

You won’t regret adding the 1974 dollar coin to your collection.

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